Deported in Thailand

Getting Deported in Thailand
Getting Deported in Thailand
Getting Deported in Thailand

Deportation in Thailand has been well documented in the past. The laws are straight forward and procedures are reasonably well known in Thailand. Deportation is not that uncommon but this being mainly of other illegal Asians. Should the police view your behaviour as either a risk to national security or  good morale, a fugitive from justice or simply illegally in Thailand – they will arrest you.

Immigration may hold you for 48 hours to complete their investigation and then further extend this to 7 days if need be. Any detention longer than 7 days must be approved by a court. Hence you are more likely than not to appear before a judge within 7 days after being arrested. Most illegals end up being transported to Bangkok for processing. Further extension can be made fro 12 days however this does not happen too often. Immigration by this stage will either tell you that you are being released or being deported. Your attorney can appeal to the Ministry of the Interior or as a final resort to the Administrative Court. Most Westerners arrested tend to be for overstays while there are a smaller number held on other charges. Usually at this point your Embassy is called in and in certain instances if being deported your Embassy will loan you the money for your airline ticket back home.

Many Embassies however do not extend this service to their people and a call home for money would usually be needed. Never overstay your visa in Thailand. Yes, the maximum overstay is 20,000 Baht however that is if/when you go to immigration. Should they find you with an overstay the 20,000 Baht option is not available and you are simply arrested and deported.  Speak to our attorneys if you have an overstay or other immigration issues.

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